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ISSUE 217, February 2018

Call for Kendal collaborators 

KENDAL CALLING (cap. 25,000) is now accepting applications for its 2018 edition, held 26-29 July in Lowther Deer Park.

Programming director Emma Zillman says that the size of the event, along with the vast number of stages available to host acts, means that any talented artiste can find a place within the festival.

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Troubadour is back 

LEGENDARY LONDON venue The Troubadour (cap. 110) is hoping to enjoy a renaissance, having booked in a new series of monthly and weekly nights working with emerging musicians.

Ian Williamson, who describes himself as ‘director of happenings’, says that since his tenure began in August, significant efforts have been made to keep the venue’s listings eclectic and fresh.

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Building from the bottom up 

THOSE LOOKING to Dundee for touring potential should take note of Conroy’s Basement (cap. 100), a venue booked and hired out by DIY punk promoter and record label Make That a Take (MTAT) since 2006.

Co-founder of the collective Derrick Johnstone, who also uses Abertay Student Centre (350) for larger events like annual weekend festival Book Yer Ane Fest, says that the basement has long since diversified in its output.

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Wide appeal in Edinburgh 

WIDE DAYS, a two-day showcase, conference and networking event held in Edinburgh, is expecting to see a total of around 350 delegates attend this year. 

Founder Olaf Furniss says that while the event, on 20-21 April, was founded due to a need for emphasis on Scottish acts, the city of Edinburgh has become a unique draw for Wide Days in itself.

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