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About Us

Audience Media produces the leading business publications for both the UK’s and the international contemporary live music industries, as well as ground-breaking contacts directories including UK’s Best Venues, World’s Leading National Concert Promoters and World’s Best Arenas for Live Music.

Respected for their objective news reporting, market reports and informative features, the magazines and directories have helped to bring together professionals in countries as disparate as China and Colombia, Estonia and El Salvador and Iceland and Oman, to learn from and communicate with each other.


LIVE UK is the only publication dedicated to comprehensively serving the country’s contemporary live music business, providing news, features, tour plans and information for the people who drive the industry – promoters, festival organisers, venue operators, artiste managers, booking agents, ticketing companies, media and key professionals in dozens of related sectors.





Launched in December 1999, Audience is the world’s leading B2B publication dedicated to the international contemporary live music industry, providing news, features and tour information to companies and individuals in more than 80 countries worldwide.







A festival planning season supplement of LIVE UK, published between December and March and linking event organisers with key suppliers.






A two-part report and contacts directory comprising more than 1,000 venues, ranging from pubs and bars to stadiums and the biggest open-air sites.







Sister company





Sister company Live UK Events organises the business conference LIVE UK Summit and the Live Music Business Awards, both held annually in London’s West End during October.


Launched in October 2007, the Summit is an annual focal point for companies and individuals involved in the business of contemporary live music. It attracts more than 300 key professionals, including promoters and festival organisers, artiste managers and operators of venue ranging from pubs and clubs to stadiums, as well as media, brands and dozens of other live music-related sectors.









Launched in 2010, the annual Live Music Business Awards presents accolades across 23 categories, ranging from Promoter of the Year and Best Venue Teamwork to Breakthrough Artiste, Best Festival Performance and Unsung Hero, with a gala presentation ceremony at a top hotel in London’s West End.