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7 May 2018

The biggest obstacle to artistes visiting Belfast from the mainland is the Irish Sea and then its closest competitor is Dublin two hours drive to the south, which sometimes attracts artistes that just want to do one big show on the island. Otherwise the city is buzzing, with significant investment…

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9 April 2018

It may be fate, or just the result of passion and hard work, but there is undoubtedly a renewed sense of confidence among promoters and venue operators, supported by multi-million-pound refurbishments, more shows and a plethora of local talent emerging.  Allan Glen reports If in the business of live music,…

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6 March 2018

Whether it’s in the castle, concert halls, theatres, pubs or makeshift venues during the annual summer festival, Edinburgh moves to the sound of live music every day of the year, despite lacking an arena and venues in the large club sector.   Allan Glen reports   “Edinburgh promoters – putting the…

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Highlands & Islands

6 February 2018

With venues in the Highlands and Islands often hundreds of miles, and a ferry trip, apart, to sell tickets in the region it’s important to know what works – and what doesn’t. Fortunately for those acts looking to tour this most remote of UK locations, there are several promoters and…

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