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9 October 2018

It’s the city whose musical eclecticism is legendary. Synth-pop, indie-rock, classic soul – you name it, Sheffield’s promoters were probably the first to put it on. Allan Glen talks to the industry figures who are aiming to take their city to the next level. Few cities in the UK can…

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19 September 2018

Long gone are the days when Nottingham was best known as the city that hauled a local record store boss in front of magistrates for displaying the Sex Pistols’ album Never Mind The Bollocks. Today’s city is multi-cultural, vibrant and buzzing – with promoters and events to match. Allan Glen…

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7 August 2018

Geographically sandwiched between heavyweight music cities Sheffield and Nottingham does not make life easy for promoters and venue operators in the city, but their determination to put Lincoln on the touring map is paying off, from 20,000-capacity events down to the grassroots scene.  Allan Glen reports It’s perhaps fair to…

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9 July 2018

From John Mayall and Take That to the Gallagher brothers and The Stone Roses, Manchester has produced some of the world’s most popular artistes. And a sure sign of its community spirit is that many of them have rallied in support of the city’s recovery from the Manchester Arena bombing…

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4 June 2018

If there is a crisis in grassroots venues across the UK then the industry has forgotten to tell promoters in Newcastle. From new venues and festivals opening to emerging acts breaking nationally, the city is buzzing. Allan Glen reports Never let it be said that North-East promoters don’t know how…

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7 May 2018

The biggest obstacle to artistes visiting Belfast from the mainland is the Irish Sea and then its closest competitor is Dublin two hours drive to the south, which sometimes attracts artistes that just want to do one big show on the island. Otherwise the city is buzzing, with significant investment…

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9 April 2018

It may be fate, or just the result of passion and hard work, but there is undoubtedly a renewed sense of confidence among promoters and venue operators, supported by multi-million-pound refurbishments, more shows and a plethora of local talent emerging.  Allan Glen reports If in the business of live music,…

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6 March 2018

Whether it’s in the castle, concert halls, theatres, pubs or makeshift venues during the annual summer festival, Edinburgh moves to the sound of live music every day of the year, despite lacking an arena and venues in the large club sector.   Allan Glen reports   “Edinburgh promoters – putting the…

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Highlands & Islands

6 February 2018

With venues in the Highlands and Islands often hundreds of miles, and a ferry trip, apart, to sell tickets in the region it’s important to know what works – and what doesn’t. Fortunately for those acts looking to tour this most remote of UK locations, there are several promoters and…

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9 January 2018

With such an illustrious musical history, a popular arena and a conference and festival that highlights its finer points, Liverpool is one of the best-known music cities in the world. But that doesn’t mean its music scene isn’t facing some challenges, as Allan Glen reports   “Is Liverpool really a…

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8 December 2017

With several larger cities such as Plymouth, Bristol and Bournemouth relatively nearby, Exeter may not be the first choice for acts touring through the South West, but hope of a long-awaited new venue, growing festival sector and a burgeoning emerging artiste scene could soon change that. Allan Glen reports  …

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16 November 2017

As Scotland’s fourth largest city, Dundee has played a significant role in developing Scottish talent over the years and from what its promoters and venue operators say, its enjoying something of a resurgence. Allan Glen reports   It may have been ‘jam, jute and journalism’ that put Dundee on the…

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Brighton & Hove

12 October 2017

Gone are the days when Quadrophenia was the soundtrack of the mods and rockers’ seafront battles of the late-‘60s in Brighton. Today it is home to an emerging music scene to rival any major city in the UK, a world-renowned festival and several ambitious independent promoters, with a host of…

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