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Far more than just the ticket

17 March 2018

Ticketing for festivals is an ever-shifting landscape which requires increasingly sophisticated systems to satisfy both the needs of event organisers and the expectations of festival-goers. Then add the competition between events and ticketing suppliers, not to mention the arrival of GDPR in May.  Mike Gartside reports    The range of…

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A lot of areas to cover

16 March 2018

Events getting bigger and more sophisticated, productions featuring increasingly high-tech equipment, the potential of extreme weather conditions and sadly the threat of terrorism make it all the more essential for festival organisers to connect with an insurance expert early in the planning process.  Tom Pakinkis reports Not all festivals boast…

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Comment – Equals Agency

14 February 2018

Finding the right  British summers wouldn’t be the same without music festivals and rain. Every year hundreds of thousands of people flock to fields, parks and woodlands. There is literally an event for everyone, from a folk festival to a techno rave. Every sort of demographic is catered for across…

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More than just about access

13 February 2018

While wristbands and even tickets may still be used for small events, when it comes to admitting tens of thousands of people in a reasonable timeframe, let alone managing cashflows across dozens of outlets, RFID technology seems to be steadily gaining ground as a reliable solution.  Tom Pakinkis reports  …

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