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A-ha’s screen of many colours

Production News
6 December 2019

THE HUNTING High and Low Live tour by A-ha took the unusual step of introducing the 10-bit video to their visual display, featuring a video by animator Knut Helgeland.

The format allows content creators the use of one billion colours, compared to roughly 16 million colours afforded by the conventional 256 RGB approach.

The decision required Video Design to source a screen capable of accepting 10-bit, rendering the artiste’s content in that format and to create the network to manage the significantly increased data traffic flows, according to the company’s MD Alex Leinster, who worked with video designer Icarus Wilson-Wright.

“Icarus had obviously been thinking about this for some time,” says Leinster. “The content he saw Knut developing was so beautiful that he felt this was the ideal opportunity: that the result would entirely validate the effort and expense.”

Video Design invested in two 10-bit ready gx2c servers by manufacturer Disguise for shows at venues including London’s Royal Albert Hall (cap. 5,200), The SSE Arena (11,000) in Belfast and Leeds’ First Direct Arena (13,600).

“Switching up to HDMI 2 [10-bit] from 256 RGB colour integers per channel at 8-bit, to 1024 at 10-bit is massive,” says Leinster. “That forced us to think it through again. It’s not just the new gx2c servers, we have had to invest in new infrastructure – new matrices, new switches, new cable systems.”

The tour screen supplied by Video Design was a 140m² of ROE CB5.

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