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A&H keeps Brass polished

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25 September 2019
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TO ENABLE the tour by Brass Against, which has up to 24 band members and plays protest songs with brass instruments, Production & Touring (P&T) had to devise a cost-efficient and transportable production package, according to P&T’s Mike Taylor.

It also had to be flexible enough to play 500-capacity venues plus a support slot for Lenny Kravitz at The O2 (cap. 21,000) in London,

“The whole lot had to fit into a bus bay,” he says, opting to use an SQ digital mixer by Allen & Heath for the sound. This, along with in-ear monitors, microphones and stage boxes, fitted into a single flight case.

The console system comprised SQ-6 consoles, three DX168 remote I/O boxes, a DX Hub, an SLink card and a Waves card.

“It is super compact and easy to set up,” says Taylor. “We split the console over two layers, so when we are only using one console, we can process the channels for monitors differently to front-of-house [FOH].”

He adds that both FOH and monitors are run from a single showfile, but when the production requires two consoles, FOH and monitor positions can take control of their own channels. Brass Against also played festivals such as Boomtown (60,000) and Greenbelt (10,000).

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