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Arcadia pulls out of London

12 March 2019

THE PROPOSED follow-up to last year’s 10th anniversary Arcadia festival in London‘s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, has been cancelled

Arcadia had been working with promoter LWE Events on the 20,000-capacity festival but decided it was too risky to continue.

Also, the team behind the giant flame-throwing spider is preparing to unveil a new structure at Glastonbury Festival (cap. 140,000), where the attraction originated.

A spokesperson for Arcadia tells Festival, “It was the responsible thing to cancel the festival now and minimise the impact further down the line. It’s a tough market in London and that limited our potential to creatively evolve the event, while the Glastonbury project has grown in scale.

“A vast new project that will lay the foundations for an evolving show over the next five years,” Is how Acadia describes its new Glastonbury structure, which will be unveiled in May.

Ticket-holders for the London event are being offered refunds.

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