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Audio dexterity leaves fans lost for words

Production News
12 January 2018

INSPIRED BY Roger Waters’ The Wall, Enter Shikari selected a quadrophonic sound system for their UK tour, with the intention of achieving a simultaneously raw and detailed sound.

Front-of-house (FOH) engineer Andy Russell says he wanted to create audio contrasts, making arenas and larger venues including Arena Birmingham (cap.15,800), Brighton Centre (4,500) and Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse (2,000) seem as intimate as a club.

Systems engineers George Puttock and Sam Proctor at Liverpool-based Adlib recommended a Coda AiRAY which, in its typical configuration, they hung 12 deep per side with four ViRAY as downfill. Flown behind the AiRAY were 6 SC2 LF extensions per side.

“Coda proved to be the perfect choice for Enter Shikari as it covers a much wider frequency range than other systems,” says Russell. “This made it ideal for their vast collection of dynamic and immersive effects.”

Production manager Edd Slaney adds, “The AiRAY not only sounds phenomenal, it’s lightweight, which takes away any rigging concerns. The boxes are so small we can fit a surround sound rig into the same truck space a traditional stereo arena rig would take up.”

Puttock reports that fans would gather at the audio desk every night to compliment the sound.

“While this happens from time-to-time, on this tour it was constant,” he says. “Without fail 15 to 20 people came to FOH almost lost for words.”

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