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Audio focus avoids park overspill

Production News
19 November 2017

HOSTING TWO back-to-back BBC concerts, Proms in the Park followed by BBC 2’s Big Weekend, the 65,000-capacity site at Hyde Park in London, had a different dynamic each night, according to audio provider Capital Sound.

The urban location is known for its strict sound levels, says the company’s account manager Martin Connolly, so an additional delay system from previous years was deployed at the two concerts to focus sound more directly at the audience and avoid overspill.

The first day saw Ray Davies, Steps and Bryn Terfell take the stage in a performance tying in with The Last Night of the Proms at The Royal Albert Hall (cap. 3,300), while James Blunt, Take That and Shania Twain headlined the Radio 2 event.

For the main hang, Capital positioned 16 units of MLA with MLD Downfill either side, and 12 MLA per side as side fills. Bass frequencies were provided by 26 MLX subs in a cardioids (heart-shaped) array with 17 forward facing along the front and nine on top reversed.

Four rings of delay loud speakers, one more than in earlier years, allowed the system to achieve offsite audio levels below the required 75dBA. A VIP grandstand used 14 DD6 units inside the pavilion, and 12 outside, all controlled by the main desk.

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