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Benn plan to relaunch live music sector

17 June 2020

FESTIVAL REPUBLIC MD Melvin Benn (pictured) is promoting a plan to enable festivals and concerts to return without social distancing.

The Full Capacity Plan eliminates the need for social distancing at events by ensuring attendees have been tested negative for Covid-19 before they are allowed entry.

Under the proposed scheme, potential event attendees would be required to use a home testing kit and download the NHS contact tracing app. The user would be informed of the test result via the app.

Those with a negative result would be able to use the app as a pass, along with a ticket, to gain entry to for a period of around 14 days. Should the app show an individual has come into contact with somebody diagnosed with Covid-19 during that period, the event pass on the app would expire.

Benn, whose company promotes festivals such as Reading (cap. 90,000), Leeds (80,000) and Latitude (35,000), says the government has capacity to test 1.4 million people a week, but is achieving less than 700,000.

“My plan is to create incentive, to test at least double the current capacity and be aiming for 12-15mpeople a month being tested, minimum,” he says. “I am proposing The Full Capacity Plan to stimulate the debate about getting back to normal opening rather than partial opening, because partial opening is financial disaster opening.” 

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