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Björk keeps audience immersed

Production News
6 December 2019

SEEKING A sound for her Cornucopia tour that drew audiences into “another world”, Björk has scaled up a production developed at The Shed (cap. 2,700) in New York, on her latest visit to the UK.

Playing venues including London’s The O2 (21,000) and Glasgow’s The SSE Hydro (13,000), she needed a system that would translate the subtleties of her audio to a larger crowd.

The singer worked with front-of-house (FOH) engineer John Gale, High Wycombe-based Southby Productions and manufacturer d&b to run the audio company’s Soundscape Immersive system with d&b KSL speakers.

Immersive effects were achieved using En-Space room emulation software, plus the En-Scene object-based mixing facility (which allows the engineer to specify different mixes for different environments).

“Björk wanted the sound for Cornucopia to create an other-worldly experience that draws all the visual, aural and virtual elements together,” says d&b’s Steve Jones. “By using Soundscape from the studio all the way through to the show performances.”

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