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Blade running for The 1975

Production News
18 March 2019

SEEKING A daring and innovative set for their tour in support of third LP, A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships, The 1975 opted for several moving elements in their show.

Three video cubes were suspended above the band, alongside the their “blade” trademark, at shows in venues including Manchester Arena (15,000), Westpoint (7,500) in Exeter and Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena (5,000).

“The blade is a vital element of The 1975’s visual identity,” says designer Tobias Rylander. “They constantly find exciting new ways to incorporate it into the show, this time rotating it, helicopter-style, over the stage and revealing it mid-show. The cubes needed to look heavy: they convey ‘the weight of technology’: the constant pressure of being onscreen.”

Rylander consulted with Simon Lawrence of Rigging Co to achieve the required set movement as the cubes needed to move low enough to “threaten” the performance, while pitching and twisting as well.

The West London-based company provided four one-tonne Liftket motors, running with Kinesys Elevation 1+ drives, complete with 12 Kinesys LibraCELL load monitoring shackles for the cubes, constructed by Brilliant.

The blade, also made by Brilliant, comprised several sections weighing 650kg, mounted in a Litec DST tracking truss. Two more Liftket Hoists and Elevation 1+s allowed the blade to track over the band whilst rotating, using a total of six motors running with Kinesys Elevation 1+s and four LibraCELLs.

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