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Broadwick slims down footprint

NXT News
3 May 2018

BROADWICK LIVE, the company behind festivals including Truck Festival (cap. 10,000), South West Four (20,000), Kendal Calling (25,000) and Y NOT (25,000), has announced that in addition to taking part in AIF’s Drastic on Plastic campaign, numerous events within its portfolio will be further adhering to their own self-imposed standards.

Director of festivals Alexander Bennett says that implementing ecologically-sound principles has not been as tricky as might have been expected.

“We were braced for pushback from some quarters – the bar’s, for instance, wanting to put up prices to cover costs of changes made – but actually it’s not been the case,” he says.

“I think a lot of people have been getting ready for these initiatives for quite some time now, so they’ve sourced ecologically responsible containers for food and drink well in advance and are ready to make the switch.”

Bennett notes that while some of the additional measures are already being practiced across several or all of the festivals in the company’s portfolio, others are new attempts to bring about real change within the industry.

“Obviously different festivals are going to need different focus depending on location and indeed demographic,” he says. “We already have several events that have a very environmentally savvy crowd, so initiatives like refundable deposit schemes for filled bin bags are already in place there, and will be rolled out across the rest.

“But then you have the likes of Kendal Calling, which is keeping, cleaning and reusing tents that have been left behind from previous years, allowing attendees to rent a pre-erected pitch, so there’s a lot that can be done in the future, too.”

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