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Cambridge Folk tunes into 6 Music listeners

Festival News
14 March 2018
Neil Jones

THE ORGANISER of Cambridge Folk Festival (cap. 10,000) aims to widen the appeal of the 54-year-old event, with the intention of securing its next generation of audiences.

Neil Jones, operations director of Cambridge Live, which runs the event for the City Council, believes headliners Patti Smith and First Aid Kit reach out to listeners of BBC 6 Music, as well as to the BBC Radio 2 listeners, which the event has traditionally appealed to.

“The festival always sells-out, so it’s a healthy position, but to continue to sell-out, we must think about the future,” he says. “While people who come to it are extremely passionate and loyal, on the flip side a lot of people don’t come because they feel it’s ‘not for them’.

“We’re evolving not changing, and trying create an artistic balance welcoming to all ages and tastes.”

Since twinning with the 30,000-capacity Newport Folk Festival in the US (see LIVE UK issue 211), the event has announced that UK band Darlingside will play both festivals as part of a joint scheme offering deserving artistes “a leg up”.

Cambridge Folk tickets cost £175.50


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