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Driven by demand … and technology

9 October 2018

Arguably the most dynamic sector in the business of live music, the UK’s crowded concert ticketing market is dominated by several major players. But innovative smaller operations are holding their own, thanks to emerging technology, and ambitious newcomers are always on the horizon. Christopher Barrett reports Ticketing is a huge…

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Lighting the way

19 September 2018

New technology, environmental issues and EU regulations are all impacting the live show lighting sector, but its leading figures and companies are adept at embracing change and are enjoying a buoyant market, as Christopher Barrett reports. Concert and festival lighting is evolving at a remarkable rate. Led by continual innovations…

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Big screen stars

7 August 2018

The rise of LED technology has seen screens become a ubiquitous element of concert and festival productions, both behind the artiste and either side of the stage at larger events, with specialist companies providing additional content as well as social media interaction.  Christopher Barrett reports Everyone knows that LED screens…

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Taking the load

9 July 2018

With event productions becoming more elaborate and with increasingly complex staging and design, rigging companies are delivering their specialist services with ever-expanding technical skills – and safety is the top priority in this high-risk sector. Claire Bicknell reports.   Operating in a sector where working safely is paramount, rigging companies…

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Keep on trucking

4 June 2018

Trucking operators are reporting record business as huge festivals and major concert tours continue to sell well, demanding the delivery of vast amounts of equipment. This despite firms facing challenges ranging from a lack of drivers to rising fuel costs. Chris Barrett reports Using the tag-line “You Rock – We Roll!”, Edwin…

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Backing the band

8 May 2018

As the live music industry continues to grow, with ever more festivals and stadium shows, specialists in supplying backline – the gear artistes use on stage – have been in a race to keep up with technological advances, not to mention musical trends, diversifying into other services along the way. …

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Always on the move

10 April 2018

Even if everything runs smoothly, the routine business of booking accommodation and flights around the world for tour groups of up to 100 or more people requires nerves of steel, 24-hour availability, as well as considerable experience and expertise. Chris Barrett reports When it comes to keeping the show on…

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Making it count

7 March 2018

For a touring artiste, having expert accountancy advice from someone experienced in the financial complexities involved, especially when it comes to working internationally, is essential. After all, money management is what keeps the whole machine working, as Claire Bicknell reports   With touring one of the main sources of income…

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Music to our ears

7 February 2018

With advancing technology and increasing audience expectations on sound quality, the pressure on live show audio hire companies to help their music clients deliver the best sound on stage is intense. But, the experts in this sector know what works and are on hand 24/7 to ensure it’s delivered. Claire…

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Travelling in style

10 January 2018

The United Kingdom is fortunate to have some of the most experienced tour bus operators on the planet. Outside of the US, it was British entrepreneurs who developed Europe’s early specialist tour bus sector, although an Austrian company with UK offices has certainly challenged that dominance. Christopher Barrett reports  …

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On the move again

13 December 2017

A changing world, which has seen security tightened due to the threat of terrorism and uncertainty regarding the impact of Brexit, has left specialist freight companies facing fresh challenges. But with an adaptable outlook, technological advances and more global tours than ever business is booming. Tom Pakinkis reports.   Those…

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Preparation makes perfect

12 November 2017

No longer just a place for acts to run through the set a few times and make sure the crew know what plugs in where, rehearsal studios have become production hubs where artistes of all shapes and sizes prepare for the all-important task of entertaining live audiences. Tom Pakinkis reports…

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Winning tickets

11 October 2017

Not only are they usually the first point of contact for a music fan attending a concert or festival, but they collect almost all of the money that fuels the rest of the live music industry. It’s not therefore surprising that competition in the sector is fierce and adoption of…

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