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Celebrating 10 years of Chaos

22 October 2019

METAL PROMOTER Chaos Theory is celebrating 10 years in the business with a festival at The Dome (cap. 500) and Boston Music Rooms (250) in London.

Ten Years of Chaos will take place on 29 February with performances throughout the day, as well as an afterparty run by London-based club night Towards Collapse.

“Initially, moving to the most expensive city I’ve ever been to and starting a business focusing solely on promoting unknown musicians, in the middle of a recession, seemed like quite an uphill struggle,” founder Kunal Singhal tells LIVE UK.

“It’s taken almost 10 years to get to a stage where we have the trust of enough people to start to take creative risks on the nature of artistes and spaces that we use.

“IThe ideas we have for Chaos Theory events are going to get a lot more wild, as we want to make a creative event experience, rather than only doing bog-standard concerts.”

Among the artistes due to perform 10 Years of Chaos is Zu, Teeth of the Sea and Furia.

General admission is £28 and festival afterparty tickets are an added £6.50.

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