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ChromaQ illuminates the Vista of Cliff’s decades

Production News
18 December 2018

WHEN CLIFF Richard toured his 60th anniversary celebration, lighting designer Derek Jones says he was keen to deploy traditional and high-tech effects for a show which divided the singer’s career chronologically into 20 minute sections per decade.

Deploying a rig which included MAC Auras for band key lighting and full stage wash, MAC Vipers for breakup effects and Prolights ArenaCOB Full Colour blinders for the band risers, Jones co-ordinated the display using the new Vista 3 lighting and media control system by manufacturer Chroma Q.

“I’ve used Vista for nearly a decade now and have seen its evolution,” says Jones. “I’ve always found it very intuitive and simple to use, so I was really excited to switch to Vista 3 and, after trying it out with success, was totally comfortable using it on a major tour such as this.”

Richard performed at venues including London’s Royal Albert Hall (cap. 5,300), Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall (2,350) and Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall (2,475).

Jones used the lighting to evoke each era, with the ‘50s and ‘60s sections featuringd stripped-back lighting with a paler colour palette, while moving lights were introduced for the ‘80s, with lasers used by the ‘00s.

“The Vista 3 software is a big step up from Vista 2, with a number of useful upgrades which have helped me to save programming time and be even more creative,” says Jones. “It feels snappier than previous versions and improves the overall experience.”

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