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Club class with K2

Production News
18 November 2019

NORTHERN IRELAND’S Two Door Cinema Club prefer an entirely different live sound to their recorded output according to front-of-house (FOH) engineer Ian Laughton.

He says he enjoys the freedom he has on the False Alarm tour and that the band’s production manager Bennie Brongers is happy to specify his preferred equipment, a Midas Pro2 desk at FOH and monitor positions, operated by Steve Donovan, plus an L-Acoustics K2 PA, all supplied by Britannia Row.

With the band playing venues including the “notoriously tricky” O2 Victoria Warehouse (cap. 3,500) in Manchester, Hull’s Bonus Arena (3,500) and The O2 (21,000) in London, the system needed to “pack a punch”.

“This band want me to put my own stamp on it and I love that,” says Laughton. “On the last tour I used the K2 for the first time and it took me a while to get used to the high fidelity. I was really impressed considering how light the box is.”

Brongers adds, “A production manager has to listen to their engineers, and what equipment they want to use from which company. Brit Row are my engineers’ first choice.”

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