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Conference aims to resonate with Scottish Industry

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3 November 2017

RESONATE, A new industry conference held in Glasgow’s Barras Art and Design Centre (cap. 300 seated, 400 standing) will see luminaries from across the music world engage in debate, discussion and keynote talks concerning the development of Scotland’s music industry.

Founder Billy Kiltie says that he hopes to bring together performers, publishers, production teams, managers and agents.

“Something like this has been on the cards for a while, to be honest – there’s a huge amount of live music in Glasgow, it’s an incredibly strong scene,” he says.

“I’ve been working in the industry for decades now, as a manager, a publisher and a record shop owner, and with Resonate we wanted to put on an event that brought all the various strands of the industry together, hopefully allowing us all to learn from each other and develop what’s currently going on in the city and in Scotland in general.”

Panels include Joining The Dots, concerning the collaborative necessities of artistes, songwriters, managers, agents, labels, producers and engineers, and Are You Even Listening, which considers the best strategies for promoting music in the modern age. Keynote speakers include AIM CEO Paul Pacifico and Chris Tams, director of Independent Members Services at BPI.

Live music performances will be hold during and after the conference on 16 November. Tickets are £75.

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