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Cool Britannia rewinds to 90s

Festival News
23 April 2018
David Heartfield

TWO YEARS after selling his Impresario festival business to broadcasting giant Global, complete with events including the 80s revival brand Rewind (cap. 40,000, in the south), Boardmasters (50,000) and SW4 (20,000), David Heartfield has launched a new revival event, Cool Britannia, celebrating the music of the 1990s.

Heartfield says he is consciously evoking the spirit of the decade by hosting it at Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, scene of two concerts by Oasis in 1996, and of rock shows dating back to the 1970s by The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. But he won’t be expecting the 125,000 crowds Oasis attracted for his line up featuring Ocean Colour Scene, Happy Mondays and Lightening Seeds, having applied for a 15,000 licence.

“There’s a perception of Knebworth as a massive venue but it has a natural bowl and can be quite intimate,” says Heartfield. “I’m keen to maintain the venue’s heritage and this festival is designed for the age group which knew Knebworth in the 1990s through Oasis.”

As well as guitar bands, a Ministry of Sound big top will host three DJs per day featuring dance music from the era. Camping tickets are £135.

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