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Crowd focus for Royal Blood

Production News
12 January 2018
Britannia Row with Royal Blood

AUDIO COMPANY Britannia Row deployed a range of different L-Acoustics loudspeakers to provide an even sound for the Royal Blood audience at one of London’s most historic but “challenging” venues, Alexandra Palace (cap. 10,400), where the band played three nights.

According to Britannia Row’s system technician Johnny Keirle, the speakers had to provide high quality audio down the middle of the venue, without troubling the sides of what he calls “a Victorian glass box”, known for its unwanted reverberations.

“The palace is a big old room,” says Keirle, “That’s why you need L-Acoustics K1 for the throw. But I keep that energy focused on the first half of the room and, halfway down, I have delays of K2 which I use principally for getting the hi-mid and high frequency to the back.”

Keirle set up the system to ensure Royal Blood front-of-house engineer Phil Jones had sound levels consistent with other dates on the tour including Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena (7,500) and Brighton Centre (4,500).

To maintain lower frequencies at the back of the hall Keirle installed a sub-array of KS28s across the front of stage.

“It allowed me to model for precise, even coverage with more impact across the whole audience area,” he says.

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