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Culture minister reveals support for live music

14 February 2020

THE GOVERNMENT has revealed plans for a new music strategy to support the UK’s “brilliant creators”.

A debate focusing on the economic and social importance of music took place in the House of Commons earlier this month, in which Culture Minister Nigel Adams addressed post-Brexit touring, the Copyright Directive and fiscal incentives.

“I recognise the need to consider introducing a comprehensive music strategy, we want our music industry to continue to be the envy of the world,” says Adams, who also pledged Government support for the “fantastic UK music industry at home and abroad”, in relation to freedom of movement post-Brexit.

“Touring is absolutely the lifeblood of the industry. We recognise the importance of the continued ease of movement of musicians, equipment, merchandise once we have left the EU,” says Adams.

“Visa rules for artistes performing in the EU will not change until the implementation period ends in December 2020. It’s absolutely essential that free movement for artistes is protected post-2020.”

Adams outlined the Government’s approach in a number of other key areas affecting the music industry including the Copyright Directive which he says the UK is not required to implement in full on departure from the EU.

Elsewhere, Adams committed to keeping creative sector tax reliefs under review and to ensuring music education is a key part of schools’ curriculum.

UK Music deputy CEO of Tom Kiehl says, “This debate has highlighted a huge opportunity for industry to work with Parliament to ensure crucial support for music is turned into much needed action.”

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