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Delta force for Mumfords

Production News
24 July 2019

LIGHTING DESIGNERS Ed Warren and Phil Kaikoura based their light show for Mumford & Sons on a brief from the band containing “cryptic” statements about what their latest LP Delta meant to the artistes.

With show designer Ric Lipson of set design business Stufish planning an in-the-round (ITR) production, they also had to consider the availability and ease of rigging, plus the artistes’ freedom of movement around the performance space.

Consequently, they created a design based on a series of moving pods, which would fill the over-stage void common to ITR productions and which could be varied according to the size and shape of the venues, which include Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena (cap. 7,500), Manchester Arena (21,000) and Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena (11,000).

The 14 pods, copper-powder coated for reflective effect and loaded with fixtures including a Martin Mac Aura, Portman P2s and a GLP strobe, were based on the wings Mumford use in their artwork.

“It was clear that Delta would need a new level of automation complexity and sophistication,” says Warren.

Thirty-six Apex motors by manufacturer Kinesys were used to create shapes throughout the set by moving the pods variously in wave and corkscrew formations.

“With no backlight and working only with lighting from directly above the band, we had to think out-of-the-box to get the best effects,” Warren says.

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