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dLive delivers flexibility for Capaldi

Production News
18 November 2019

THE AUDIO requirements for Vampire Weekend have grown significantly since front-of-house (FOH) engineer Neil Heal first worked with the band over 10 years ago.

Following the group’s expansion from a four to a seven-piece, it now uses 120 inputs compared to the 24 it used in earlier times, he says.

While Heal has consistently worked with K1 and K2 systems by L-Acoustics, with this act, the latest tour was the first time he used the French manufacturer’s Autosplay software to tune the system.

The typical system configuration for most venues comprises left and right arrays of 18 K2 per side, with adjacent outfill arrays of 12 Kara on each side for outfill coverage. Six additional Kara are spread across the stage lip for front-fill, while four ARCS II provide out-fill near the front. A dozen KS28 subs anchor the low-end reinforcement, and the entire system is powered by 24 LA12X and six LA8 amplified controllers.

“The Autosplay tool is fantastic,” says Heal. “The user can see it trying different angles as it works through calculations, which is a big confidence builder.”

Vampire Weekend are playing London’s Alexandra Palace (cap. 10,400), Edinburgh’s Usher Hall (2,200) and Birmingham’s O2 Academy (3,000).

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