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Encouraging customers

8 October 2018

Promoters are expected to benefit from a new system designed to take brand loyalty to the next level.

Event guide and ticketing outlet Skiddle is upgrading its ‘rep’ system to focus on offering money and exclusive rewards for customers who promote the sale of tickets to their friends.

Reps can either earn money for every ticket sold, or collect points that equate to exclusive rewards, such as backstage passes, free drinks or VIP experiences.

Skiddle say promoters have also signed-up to offer additional and exclusive prizes to the top sellers through a “leaderboard”.

“By offering customers a choice –  earn points towards rewards or money for every ticket sold – we have opened-up the rep feature to everyone, tapping into established behaviour of sharing events with friends and family,” says Skiddle co-founder Ben Sebborn.

“With huge rewards up for grabs and a leaderboard to track progress, the Rep feature is designed to interact with customer behaviour in a seamless fashion and can be operated and monitored entirely from our app.”

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