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Fatboy’s sound in the round

Production News
12 April 2019

FATBOY SLIM (aka Norman Cook) traditionally prefers more intimate venues to large arenas, but was able to transform London’s The O2 (cap. 21,000) into a club, thanks to the use of an in-the-round presentation and an audio system which brought him closer to the audience, according to Capital Sound Hire’s Robin Conway.

The event launched The Round Trip tour which took him to venues such as Manchester Arena (17,000), London’s The SSE Arena, Wembley (12,500) and Motorpoint Arena (10,000) in Nottingham, and boasted a revolving, central stage, circular overhead video and pyrotechnics.

“We had to meet a number of challenges, notably the location of the mix position, 30 metres from the mother grid,” says Conway, who used an MLA system by Martin Audio. “We had six hangs of MLA above the video screen, as close to the centre as possible. The speakers had to be trimmed 10 metres from the floor to preserve sightlines.”

The subs comprised a flown MLX system – four independent hangs, each with five elements – suspended above the artiste’s head.

“These were all positioned close together, firing inwards, to create a perfect omnidirectional sub source,” says Conway.

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