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Feeder have a blast

Production News
8 May 2018

WITH A wide range of venues to cater for and the preference of Feeder’s lead singer Grant Nicholas for a video backdrop split into three, the band had to use an easily-rigged screen for their tour according to Bryan Leitch, lighting and visuals designer.

He chose a BT 6 LED screen, provided by West London’s Colour Sound Experiment as part of a full lighting and video package, which comprised 60 panels for regular shows, with a further six added at London’s O2 Academy, Brixton (cap. 4,900).

“It was a video-based tour, so ideal for Colour Sound,” says Leitch. “They invested in new lighting fixtures to ensure I had exactly the rig I wanted.”

These included Vintage Blaze 55s from Showtec, which uses a tungsten lamp, and an RGB LED background effect with strobe function.

“I particularly like the fact that the LED sources are subtle and concealed, but their effect is high impact,” he says.

The main moving light was Robe’s MegaPointe, while at Brixton, Colour Sound supplied a four minute confetti blast via a front truss and two stadium confetti blasters.

”The pressured timescale in getting so much extra kit into Brixton and integrated into the show in time was a serious achievement,” says Leitch.

Other tour venues included Glasgow Barrowland (2,100), Nottingham Rock City (1,900) and The O2 Academy (1,600), Bristol.

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