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Flexibility key for London Grammar

Production News
12 December 2017

THE CINEMATIC, atmospheric sound of London Grammar demanded consoles capable of delivering clarity and depth, according to Ross Cornwall of Triplex Productions, who supplies the band’s audio.

Cornwall says he needed a system which remained consistent both worldwide and in UK venues, including Belfast’s Waterfront Hall (cap. 2,250), Bristol’s Colston Hall (1,900) and Nottingham’s Rock City (2,450).

“It’s been a real challenge for the team to deliver constant results no matter what territory or venue they are in,” says Cornwall. “Because of that, we chose DiGiCo consoles for front-of-house [FOH] and monitors.”

Using a DiGiCo SD10 at monitor, operated by production manager Mark Sunderland, and the manufacturer’s latest SD12 console at front-of-house (FOH), both running Stealth Core 2 software, allowed the team to expand the numbers of inputs/outputs when necessary.

“Mark needed a system he can just walk up to and mix, so giving him loads of faders and good access to all the channels is essential,” says Cornwall.

“One major benefit of the system is the Optocore networking tool. With recording and playback to both desks via an Optocore DD4MR, the network is super flexible and FOH and monitors can send audio between themselves, too, keeping the multicores [cables] totally digital.”

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