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Friendly Fires’ visuals pass the ink drop test

Production News
4 June 2018
Really Creative Media at work with Friendly Fires

WHEN FRIENDLY Fires played their first show in five years at London’s O2 Brixton Academy (cap. 4,900) they wanted the visuals to show real footage of natural effects rather than animation.

The show featured a concave arrangement of LED screen strips, spaced to include gaps for lighting, so the content needed to fit this configuration, while also being compatible with potential festival performances.

“The band expressed a keen interest in using practical effects such as ink droplets into water,” says creative director Jack James, of digital and live production company Really Creative Media.

“We built a filming rig to suspend high-speed cameras with macro lenses. We then used a variety of techniques such as dropping ink into petri-dishes of milk and water, or creating bubbles and continuous flow patterns. Synchronising droplets of ink with the music helped to create a range of visual looks to suit different songs.”

Production manager Steve Down adds, “Jack and his team delivered some incredibly dynamic, high quality content that fit seamlessly into the show design.”

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