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Gallagher engineers consistency

Production News
8 May 2018

WORKING TO an “earsplitting” sound on stage thanks to Liam Gallagher’s preference for traditional wedges, monitor engineer Jon Simcox needs to ensure a consistent audio mix in spite of the volume at the singer’s shows.

Using a DiGiCo SD10 console, plus a complete touring set of band in-ear monitors (IEMs) and microphones, Simcox says he’s able to keep the onstage sound close to that of Gallagher’s solo LP As You Were.

“I’d heard great things about the functionality, the macros, and how good the stereo imaging is for IEMs,” says Simcox. ”I was sold after our first day in rehearsals.

“I’m using around 10 internal effects and, with a bit of tweaking, EQing and side chain compression, they sound great. I don’t need any outboard [effects] at all. It’s not a particularly complicated gig, so I use macros for specific changes in seven or eight songs.”

Front-of-house (FOH) engineer Shan Hira also uses the SD10, deploying the console’s internal effects supplemented by an Avalon 737sp, and two engines of a Lexicon 480L on the vocal, plus an SPX 2000 on the snare.

Both desks were supplied by Skan PA, for shows at Manchester Arena (cap. 21,000), Arena Birmingham (15,800) and The Brighton Centre (4,500).

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