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Hurts get what they desire

Production News
8 February 2018
Colour Sound at work with Hurts

PRODUCTION DESIGNER Rob Sinclair worked to a quirky industrial brief for synth duo Hurts, who played shows at Brixton’s O2 Academy (cap. 4,900), and Manchester’s O2 Apollo (3,500) as part of their Desire tour.

Sinclair also insisted that no strobes or blinders be used in the light show, presenting lighting director and operator Matt Arthur with the challenge of achieving those effects in different ways.

The set was based around four “concrete” pillars, or stalagmites measuring 12 to 16ft high and 20” in diameter, offset at different angles and rotations. The team invited West London-based Colour Sound Experiment to provide a “practical and compact” lighting rig, complete with some visual surprises throughout the set.

Effects included a chandelier made of 36 Martin Sceptron LED battens in three concentric rings, an upstage truss concealing 20 1K fresnels rigged on vertical pipes and six Robe BMFL spots for front projection and downstage washes.

“Colour Sound ensured we received exactly the rig we wanted and the gear came out of the warehouse meticulously prepped,” says Arthur.

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