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Indie promoters unite in association

23 January 2019

PROMOTER AND founder of multi-venue festival Swn John Rostron has brought together more than 30 fellow entrepreneurs to form the Association of Independent Promoters (AIP).

Among founding members, which include venue operators that also promote, are Crosstown Concerts, Future Perfect, Juicebox Live, The Brudenell Social Club (cap. 400) in Leeds, SSD Concerts, Now Wave, One Inch Badge, Orchard Live, 432 Presents and The Leadmill (900) in Sheffield.

“Over recent years I’d gotten to know other independent promoters, and I’d organised occasional meetings where we’d come together chat about the live music sector,” Rostron says.

“There was a lot that we were finding difficult or challenging and the more we spoke, the more we realised how so many promoters work in very small teams, or in isolation, all across the country, with no organisation to support us.

“So, we decided to set up the Association of Independent Promoters and welcome other live music or club night promoters to join us to bring about some changes to the sector.”

He says he expects the membership to rise by at least another 30 within a couple of months.

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