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K2 gets creative for Creamfields slopes and curves

Production News
10 October 2017

AUDIO ENGINEER Hassane Es Siahi took a sloping floor and a “hammock-style” marquee roof into consideration when he installed the main stage sound system at the 70,000-capacity Creamfields.

Known as CF03 or the Armada Mega stage, the attraction hosted artistes including Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Vini Vici. Es Siahi had to project the bass frequencies across a 75 metre auditorium, while ensuring the reflecting surfaces of the roof did not mar the sound.

“It was essential to get the subs physically high enough to create a big wave of low frequencies at the front that self-propels down the length of the room,” he says.

Es Siahi’s main PA comprised a 12 unit per side L-Acoustics K2 system provided by Liverpool-based Adlib, with 32 new L-Acoustics KS28 high power subs, all in cardioids (heart-shaped) mode.

He specified a “classic” DJ monitor set up with two L-Acoustics SB18s per side and three KARAs sitting on top, mixed by Adlib’s Matt Gadsby using a Soundcraft Vi1.

“What the DJ is playing changes second-by-second,” says Es Siahi. “It’s a completely dynamic audio space, like any musical instrument: the engineers have to listen properly to how they are playing it.”

He used a “straightforward and simple” Soundcraft Vi600 console, and an LA Network Manager to help tune and EQ the system.

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