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Keychange wins £1.28 million grant from EU

27 August 2019

GENDER BALANCE initiative Keychange has received more than €1.4 million (£1,280,000) from the European Commission (EC).

Launched by PRS Foundation, the charitable arm of performance royalty collection society PRS For Music, in 2017, the initiative aims to achieve a 50/50 gender balance across events such as festival line-ups and conferences by 2022.

The new funding from the EC’s Creative Europe programme, will enable Keychange to expand the project further across the European Union in a phase two plan running from September until 2023.

Keychange says more than 250 events and organisations across the continent have signed up to support its aims.

“Within the next four years, we’ll focus on concrete aims and measures to keep on creating a better, more inclusive music industry,” says Keychange project lead Christina Schäfers.

“Since culture has always been a source of inspiration for necessary change, we look forward to inspiring and being part of the future of our society,”

Keychange ambassador Kate Nash will be among presenters of Keychange 2.0, to be announced on 19 September.

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