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Law firm plans data breach action against Ticketmaster

14 March 2019

A LAW firm that specialises in cyber crime is to take High Court action against Ticketmaster (TM), following the data breach at the company last June (see LIVE UK 222).

Hayes Connor Solicitors says it has around 650 clients who were affected, of whom 63 per cent had experienced credit card fraud as a result of the data hack, and 31 per cent have suffered “psychological trauma”.

“We have sought to resolve this matter in a non-contentious manner, however, Ticketmaster maintains that it has not failed in its data protection duties.” Hayes Connor MD Kingsley Hayes tells LIVE UK. “Having exhausted all alternative routes, we will now be issuing the claim to the High Court.”

“When personal and financial data has been stolen, as was the case with Ticketmaster last year, it can be some time before fraudulent activity becomes evident, as stolen information is often used in batches – particularly when there are a large number of individuals affected.

“This serious data breach impacted thousands of customers who, like our existing clients, are highly likely to either have already had their personal information used for fraudulent transactions, or can expect this to happen sometime in the future.”

Hayes added that cyber criminals can go as far as setting up bank accounts and taking out credit in data breach victims’ names.

Last November, several major banks, including Lloyds, HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland, told LIVE UK that they were continuing to monitor customer accounts for the fraud attempts and had issued many replacement cards.

Live Nation Entertainment-owned TM said at the time that it had contacted all potentially affected customers, advising them to reset their passwords and offering them a free 12-month identity monitoring service.

Information which may have been compromised included customers’ names, addresses, email, telephone numbers, payment details and TM login details.

Hayes was not available to comment on the planned action as LIVE UK went to print.

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