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Magic mushroom lights for Björk

Production News
14 February 2020

WORKING WITH an “intricate and esoteric” set design by Chiara Stephenson, the video and lighting team for Björk’s Cornucopia Tour needed an organic and fluid look, according to Richard White, the artiste’s programmer and lighting director.

Working alongside theatre lighting specialist Bruno Poet, he invited Southampton-based Liteup to provide lights, video server, rigging and control for a tour which visited The O2 (cap. 21,000) in London and Glasgow’s The SSE Hydro (14,300).

“The visual starting point for the lighting was the breath-taking video content created by artist and designer Tobias Gremmler, together with Chiara’s striking set,” says White. “The stage floor was modelled on mushroom heads complete with complex gill structures on the underside, and string curtains with a LED screen at the back.”

Liteup mounted 16 Martin MAC Viper Performance and 37 MAC Viper profiles on six over-stage and two front-of-house [FOH] trusses, with  for the main hard-edged moving lights, which were arranged on six over-stage and two FOH trusses, with 29 GLP X4s as the primary wash lights.

White used two Robe BMFL WashBeams running on a RoboSpot remote follow spotting system at FOH. “We always try to spot Björk from a side-on angle which isn’t always possible when touring multiple venues,” he says. “Using this system allowed me to keep control of all the colour and intensity parameters from FOH, making the artiste’s key light much more live and controllable.”

He distributed 20 Astera AX3 LightDrop battery-powered LED “pucks” around the stage providing a wireless up-lighting solution to highlight the mushroom gills and other set elements.

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