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Managing Talent – Loretta Andrews, 43

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16 January 2020

Loretta Andrews, 43

Safe Music Management, London


Your artiste roster: Joshua Luke Smith, Guvna B, Bianca Rose.

Favourite venues for seeing and/or showcasing new artistes: Servants Jazz Quarters, Zigfrid Von Underbelly, The Bedford, The Social, The Islington – all in London.

How important is it for artistes to play live: “You’re only an artiste if you’re actually out there being an artiste. Writing at home and singing into your home studio doesn’t count. You need to test new material in front of a live audience and you need to hone your performance and strengthen your vocal ability in a live setting.  It’s also the best way to gain true fans – not just followers.”

Other emerging acts to watch: Jennifer Kamikazi, Tina Boonstra.

Greatest lesson learned: “That what seems like the smallest, most insignificant gig still deserves an artiste’s best performance, because you never know whose watching.”

Worst live experience: “I used to be an artiste myself many years ago before I was a manager, so I’ve had plenty – from wardrobe malfunctions, to forgetting lyrics to the wrong version of the backing track being put on in an arena full of people.”

Current live music projects: Joshua Luke Smith – just completed UK tour, Bianca Rose – touring this year.

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