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Managing Talent – Michael Adex

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14 February 2020

Michael Adex, 23

Northern Quarterz, Manchester


Your artiste roster: Aitch, Zeph.

Favourite venues for seeing and/or showcasing new artistes: Band On The Wall & Manchester Academy, both in Manchester.

How important is it for artistes to play live: “I think in order to have a legitimate long-term career as an artiste, playing live is extremely important. For any artiste or fan there still isn’t a better way to properly connect other than a live performance. Social media is a great way to interact with fans but hearing hundreds or thousands of them sing the songs back to you beats getting the same amount of likes on Instagram.”

Other emerging acts to watch: Ling Hussle.

Greatest lesson learned: “Learn how to use in-ears as soon as possible.”

Worst live experience: “Aitch was booked for a show in Jersey and we were so excited as it was his first gig abroad. However, the venue turned out to be a half empty pub, with a bunch of drunk people rolling around on the floor. There was no backstage area, just a table which we put between us and the fans. Later, we realized this table was the actual stage. We decided to soldier through but, halfway through Aitch’s set, one of the fans knocked down the speaker and ended the show prematurely.”

Current live music projects: Aitch will be embarking on his first Australia and New Zealand tour in March.

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