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Managing Talent – Tom Lynam, 33

Managing Talent
9 July 2018
Tom Lynam

Building emerging careers - SaySomethingRecords, London


Artiste roster:

Sick Joy, Lazybones, Clt Drp

Favourite venues for showcasing/playing:

The Black Heart, Camden (London)

Importance of playing live:

“Playing live is where an artiste learns their craft and where their music comes to life. From stepping on stage at their local venue to playing Wembley Stadium, it’s the canvas to their art and where they connect directly with their audience.”

Other emerging acts to watch:

Phoxjaw from Bristol are absolutely mind-blowing.

Greatest lesson learned:

“I used to get very frustrated at promoters who would not pay bands for playing gigs, so I took the time to get to know venue managers and how gigs were being promoted successfully, so that I could do it myself. This meant the bands were playing in busy venues and getting paid fairly. If you want something done right, sometimes you gotta do it yourself.”

Worst live experience:

“I used to play in a band and we were booked to play at a new venue in Wolverhampton – the name of the venue escapes me – with a bunch of other bands. Only two of the three bands showed-up, which were my band and a group from Bristol,. Nobody came and even the promoter didn’t show-up, so we played to the other band, but then the venue wouldn’t pay us.”

Current live projects:

Sick Joy – first headline tour in October. Myself and the label run about six to eight showcases a year around London, and our first night in Brighton in September.

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