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27 August 2019

Serena Catapano, 35

SAS Entertainment Ltd, London / Birmingham


Your artiste roster: Kerri Watt, Keelie Walker, 5WEST, Sian Cross

Favourite venues for seeing and/or showcasing new artistes: 229 Club and The Bedford both in London, also The Asylum 2 and The Actress and Bishop which are both in Birmingham.

How important is it for artistes to play live: Starting out, artists need to get as many live shows under their belts as possible in order to learn their stage craft and how to communicate to their fans. Playing live also gives artists the opportunity to try out new material, network with other artists, musicians and crew and enable industry the opportunity to see them perform.

Other emerging acts to watch: SAER, Those Damn Crows, Roadtrip

Greatest lesson learned: A band I used to manage was booked to play Hard Rock Hell in Ibiza. Budgets were very tight so we couldn’t afford a tour manager. Two of the band left home on the morning of the show. They didn’t make the flight. The only flights I could get them on were business class. Don’t underestimate the value of a good tour manager!

Worst live experience: In my tour managing days, I worked with an artist who was really great but her manager was, let’s say, a bit of a megalomaniac! Her antics resulted in the artist being thrown off of a very high-profile arena tour.

Current live music projects: Kerri Watt, Keelie Walker, 5WEST, Sian Cross

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