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A mapped-out cubist vision for The League

Production News
18 December 2018

INCORPORATING PROJECTION mapping for the first time into The Human League’s performance, alongside the strong video content that the act is traditionally known for, required both invention and logistical flexibility according to Nick Dew of Really Creative Media (RCM).

The company designed content and effects for a set based around a series of giant, stacked cubes – some containing band members – mapping imagery onto their front and rear surfaces.

“Creating content for a 3D set was technically challenging,” says Dew. “But it was an opportunity to explore some of the favourites of the projection mapping world, such as rotating the cubes and making the whole set fall down and rebuild itself, all synced to the music.”

Show designer Rob Sinclair, lighting designer Liam Griffiths, and RCM’s team worked together so that the mapped visuals worked alongside the video at venues including London’s Eventim Apollo (cap. 5,050), Sheffield’s FlyDSA Arena (13,500) and Brighton Centre (4,500).

RCM supplied an MALighting GrandMA3 Light console, two Catalyst V6 Media Servers, six Panasonic RZ21K 20,000L laser projectors and two Panasonic RZ31K 30,000L laser projectors.

“There was quite a variation in the size of the venues, so we had the option to swap between the RZ21K and the more powerful RZ31K, depending on what we needed to achieve the wow factor.”

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