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MegaPoints extra impact for Howard

Production News
25 September 2019

HOWARD JONES wanted an electronic, robotic look to his stage show, with video having the equivalent impact of another band member, rather than overpowering the production.

Lighting designer Yenz Nyholm of New Illumination Lighting Design worked with Jones and producer Stephen Tayler on what they describe as an off-beat design featuring a clean, streamlined stage backed by an eight metre by three metre transparent screen which concealed most of the lights.

Nyholm chose a range of moving lights including 12 Robe MegaPointes and 26 LEDBeam 150s, supplied by rental company Siyan, for shows including The Sage (cap. 1,640) in Gateshead, Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall (2,350) and The London Palladium (2,300).

The screen was hung on a rear truss with a black silk backdrop suspended behind. Eight MegaPointes were rigged on the back truss, with four on the floor behind the screen but in front of the curtain.

“The top fixtures were used for back lighting, gobo looks and animations onto the back, as well as for aerial interaction into the crowd,” says Nyholm. “The deck-based fixtures behind the screen created powerful moody beams and silhouettes throughout the show.

“The light weight and flexibility [of the MegaPointes] are fantastic – they can go from a narrow pin-point to a super-wide wash.”

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