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MLA tames Sundown sound

Production News
22 October 2019

SUNDOWN FESTIVAL organisers U-Live decided to dispense with delay speakers despite having to achieve low sound levels of off-site and “enjoyably high” levels at the front-of-house (FOH) position in the middle of the 22,000 capacity crowd.

Proper Productions, run by Mark Ward, and production manager Rishi-Louis Gowry invited Capital Sound to provide a system for the festival at Norfolk Showground, headlined by Tinie Tempah, Example and Anne-Marie.

“When noise pollution is a big issue, then [Martin Audio] MLA is our system of choice,” says Capital’s project manager Amy Newton-Smith.

Instead of a delay, Capital added two extra elements to the system’s main hang, which comprised 13 MLA per side and one MLD for downfill. Eight MLA Compacts per side were used as side hangs with eight W8LM as front-fills while the “all important” bass frequencies were supplied by 15 MLX subwoofers in five stacks of three, in a cardioid (heart-shaped) array.

Systems technician Dan Fathers says he was able to get two extra decibels from the system using the MLA’s Hard Avoid feature in its display software.

“We programmed the MLA for a throw distance of 160m, but only ran it out to 120m, shortening the throw using Hard Avoid to get it up to 98dB over 15 minutes,” he says.

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