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MMF examines the role of the artiste manager

19 November 2019

THE MUSIC Managers Forum (MMF) has published a report identifying potential barriers for managers and is calling for a re-evaluation of the role.

The report, which is entitled Managing Expectations and is underpinned by a survey of 180 managers and in-depth interviews, indicates a “potential disconnect between the increased workload and expectancies shouldered by music managers, and the mechanisms by which they are paid.’’

Key findings from the report include the improving diversity of music management, artistes’ increasing reliance on financial backing from their management, and concerns over the commercial sustainability of music management businesses.

“The goal of this report is to better explain what a modern-day music manager actually does and enhance understanding of how this has changed in the
digital age,” says MMF CEO Annabella Coldrick.

“We will use the findings to better advocate for our members’ interests and expand our activity on the critical areas identified, such as access to finance, acquiring new skills and mental health, and to initiate discussions with our clients and partners on new business models in management.”

The MMF have identified five potential barriers to managers and their clients reaching their potential, including access to finance, diversification of skills, revenue and new commercial models.

The report follows the launch of MMF’s second annual Accelerator Programme for Music Managers, which provides funding and training for managers looking to make the leap into the role full-time.

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