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NightBus used to leave Nest

NXT News
9 July 2018
Rhys Friery

RHYS FIERY, previously events manager for The Nest (cap. 220) in Bath, is now promoting with business partner Paul James under the name NightBus in the Bristol area.

The pair plan to turn Mr Wolf’s (cap. 75) into a venue that hosts regular indie and rock shows.

Friery, who has been promoting since 2012, says that the ultimate goal is to expand into new genres.

“I’ve been on the other side of it touring myself [with act Sleeptalking], and it means it’s important to us that the artistes all get paid, and paid well,” he says.

“I’d also like to see better bridges between live and club nights in the city – rather than seeing everyone kicked-out after a show finishes to make room for the club side of things. We’ve had good success putting on DJs playing music that keeps the gig attendees at the venue.

“Ideally I’d like to branch that out further into anything from techno to metal, and there’s a lot of space to do that in the city  – there are some great venues, even on the same road as Mr Wolf’s.”

“In terms of the acts, it’s a really strong mix right now – obviously Idols have really gotten known, but you’ve got Soeur, Imperial Daze, Phoxjaw, Voyages on the way up too.”

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