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On The Beat – Andy Reeve

On The Beat
4 June 2018
Andy Reeve

Scouting the frontline - Aardvark Music, Cornwall


When joined the company:


Company Signings:

Acts across all genres

Among favourite emerging acts:

Saskia Maxwell

Favourite venues for seeing unsigned acts:

The Stanery at Cornwall University and The Polytechnic, Jacobs Ladder, Princess Pavilion, Finn McCaul’s, Beewolf, all in Falmouth.

Importance of playing live:

“It’s part of the way to create a following. Also, to find out which songs work and fine tune the ones that do.”

Best advice to unsigned act managers:

“Be a bit ruthless in the choice of artistes you sign. They must be original sounding but with a commercial edge. The band members must be hard working and totally committed to succeeding and respond well to advice. All band members have to be 100 per cent or near enough in all of the above or you are wasting your time.”

Emerging new acts on the label:

The Great Emu War Casualties, Everett Young (now Kickstarter), Zach Prather Band, Sharooz, David Koonen

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