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Overtones Adlib way to slick performance

Production News
14 February 2020

LIGHTING DIRECTOR and set designer Neil Holloway needed a “super slick” look which would fit into a single van for a tour by The Overtones.

After a discussion with the artistes, he chose a big band look using the act’s LED logo as a backdrop, rather than video.

Working with Liverpool-based production company Adlib, he created a set which aimed for understated elegance, featuring a central staircase flanked by two risers each side for the band, plus four signature big band art deco set pieces.

The show also had to be scalable to fit into different sized venues including the Sage Gateshead (cap. 1,640), London’s Indigo at The O2 (2,350) and St David’s Hall (2,000) in Cardiff.

“Every lighting fixture on the rig had to be multi-purpose and work hard in several different contexts to earn its place on the tour,” says Holloway.

The core moving light fixtures, Robe Spikies for the beams and Martin MAC Auras for the LED washes, were selected for their small size, power, and functionality.

Twenty-four Spikies were distributed on the back and mid trusses, 12 on each, while six of the 10 Auras were on the floor, three per side, for low level cross stage washes, with the other four on stands for cross lighting the band on the upstage risers.

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