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Overtones get what they want

Production News
18 March 2019

THE VARIETY of venues on the tour by vocal group The Overtones demanded a flexible sound system which could deliver the clarity of required by the singers, according to front-of-house engineer Mark Clements.

He had to ensure that each singer had their own tailored vocal mix at venues including Watford Colosseum (cap. 1,400), Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall (2,350) and London’s IndigO2 (2,350).

“The guys are very particular about what they want,” says Clements. “For me it needs to be precise – crystal clear vocals and the ability to retain the character of their individual voices. I don’t use a broad-spectrum EQ – it’s very defined for each performer and I spend a lot of time riding the faders.”

He chose an Electro-Voice X-Line Advance X2 line array system driven by the new Dynacord TGX-20 amplifier, supplied by Merlin PA, which also provided networking software.

Merlin’s Neal Allen specified a system to suit each venue, providing a mixture of EV X2-212/90 and X2-212/120 elements, plus XLE181 in-fills and front-fills and X12-128 subwoofers. Five Dynacord TGX-20 amps per-side were housed in the rack.

“When you’re preparing for a tour you need to think about the biggest venue and the smallest venue and select a system that will cater for both,” he says.  “Truck space is always at a premium, so you need flexibility. That’s what we get with X-Line Advance and TGX.”

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