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Pixies warm glow with tungsten

Production News
18 November 2019

TO CREATE an asymmetrical lighting rig to complement the “loud quiet loud” music of the Pixies, designer Myles Mangino needed a fixture capable of evoking all the moods in the sound.

He settled on the Chauvet Professional Strike 1 fixtures for shows at venues including London’s Alexandra Palace (cap. 10,400), Glasgow’s O2 Academy (2,550) and Belfast’s Ulster Hall (1,850) because of both its brightness and ability to recreate a traditional tungsten-style light.

Flying eight units of the Strike 1s on each of three rows of truss, he created a variety of asymmetrical looks, including strobing, soft glows and moments of “intense” light.

“I’ve found the best way to achieve the extreme asymmetrical looks I use with Pixies is to start with a symmetrical design,” says Mangino. “I often bring up the full bank of Strike 1s for the big, loud parts, but they are focused at the stage, like upstage par cans, not as blinders.

“Tungsten has been a key to the Pixies look since I first started designing for them in 1986. Our overall look can be defined as tungsten, with deep angles and extreme saturations.”

The Chauvet units were among 80 lighting fixtures supplied by rental company Lite Alternative.

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