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Pre-order system ‘will cut festival queues’

24 July 2019

LONDON-BASED EVENTS payment and point-of-sale business Lolly has joined forces with digital ordering app developer Preoday to build a system which it says will allow traders to make real-time offers to customers and reduce queues at festivals.

By using the system, its clients – event caterers and concessions who work at festivals including Strawberry Fair (15,000) and Ampthill Festival (6,000) – will be able to invite festival-goers to order a meal via an app, perhaps while they’re watching a band, which can either be paid for in advance or on collection.

It also allows caterers and hospitality providers to offer off-peak discounts allowing demand to be evened out into quieter periods and reducing waiting time.

“It’s a simple, intuitive process for the consumer and retailer,” says Lolly CEO Peter Moore. “We put products into environments with temporary and untrained staff who have to understand the system easily. With the Preoday app and our system a consumer can choose from 18 different caterers and for example, order a fresh burger to pick up at 11am.”

Moore believes there is scope for his business to grow by 25-30 per cent in the festival sector as his technology becomes affordable and accessible to smaller suppliers.

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